June 13, 2015 by News

Help beta test the Coinbelly Mobile App

The Coinbelly team is looking for help testing Coinbelly for iOS and Android before we release it to the public. Please let us know if you’re interested in becoming a beta tester and giving us your feedback.As a beta tester, we only require you to use the app and provide honest feedback. If you are interested in beta testing, please contact us.

Coinbelly on your mobile phone is the easiest way to keep up with Bitcoin while on the go.

Apple iOS

Be sure to contact us with your email address that you use with iTunes, and we will add you to the beta group. You will receive all updates as we push them via Test Flight app (iOS 8). Once we have the beta ready we will send out an email to everyone with detailed instructions on how to install Test Flight and what to expect.

The upside for you? Early access to new versions of Coinbelly and the opportunity to influence direction and features. The upside for us? More extensive testing, broader feedback and, hopefully, a better app.

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